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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Donation button

I've added a Paypal button to the blog. No, I'm not going to be charging for reading my homilies. They're not that good. I'm just happy when most people stay awake as I'm giving them at Mass.

The button is there in case one or two of my many readers (meaning: one or two of my 12 followers) feel generous enough to throw a couple of dollars my way. This money will only go for one purpose: purchase new, worthy vestments, such as the beautiful vestments made by Luzar Vestments in the UK, and beautiful, worthy altar vessels, such as those available from Adrian Hamers. For far too long, unsuitable and just plain ugly vestments and altar vessels have been the standard fare for many parishes. We've lost a sense of beauty in the Church, and I hope that these vestments and altar vessels can be used throughout my priesthood to bring even a small part of that sense of beauty back to the Church.

I greatly appreciate any and all donations that people are willing to give from the generosity, but know that everyone are more than welcome to continue to visit this blog and participate in the comment boxes if you are unable or unwilling to donate. This blog has been open to everyone, and will remain open to everyone until the day God calls me home or the blogging ends, which ever comes first.

Update: For those coming from Priests in Crisis, welcome! I feel kind of embarrassed that Suzanne posted this to her blog, as there are priests who need the support the Priests in Crisis blog brings far more than I do. Nevertheless, welcome once again!

The "goal" of $12,000 that Suzanne mentions came from a Plurk posting which led to this post. It's a rough number, and I may have to come up with an actual goal to work towards.


cuaguy said...

Um, you have 13 followers, not 12! I have no clue why I wasn't following you before, but it is all fixed now...

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

We'll see if I can take some funds from the help Joe move to Montana fund to the get Fr. Cory some decent vestments fund....

Barb said...

Today a kind midwestern man found my cell phone and returned it to me. He wouldn't take the reward that I offered, so in honor of this kind man, I'm donating the money I offered him.

Barb in Nebraska

Father Cory Sticha said...

Thanks, all, for your support!

Joe, you probably need that money more for yourself than I do. I appreciate it, though!

Barb, that is amazing. I'm just glad there are still honest people out there.

Cuaguy, glad you got that fixed. I've been following you for a while.