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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homily for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week I preached off of an outline instead of a full script. Here's the outline for the week:
  • Do we understand what it means to be a prophet?
    • Guy standing with "End is near" sign
    • Prophetic speech
      • Idea that prophesy is telling the future

    • Prophet appears throughout our readings
      • Jeremiah's call
      • St. Paul "prophesying partially"
      • Our Lord "prophet without honor in his native place"

  • 2 purposes in the OT for prophesy
    • Call to conversion
      • Israel kept falling away from God the Father
      • Prophets called them back

    • Point to future coming of Jesus
      • Show fulfillment of covenant
      • "Partial will pass away"
        • Revelation in Jewish Covenant was partial
        • Jesus is the fullness of revelation
          • "The perfect"

  • We are called to be prophets
    • Through baptism we share in Christ's ministry
      • CCC 436: "Jesus fulfilled the messianic hope of Israel in His threefold office of priest, prophet, and king."

    • What does it look like to be a prophet?
      • Not foretelling the future
      • 2 purposes
        • Call to conversion
          • Need to do this first in our lives
            • Lead others by example

        • Point to Jesus
          • We need to live our lives by following Christ
          • Allow our witness and example to bring others to Him

        • Priest assembly
          • Example of priests = vocations
          • Example of dedicated Christians = more followers of Christ

  • We are all called to be prophets through our baptisms. Are we willing to answer that call?

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