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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So where is the Donations for Vestments money going to go anyways?

First, many, many thanks to all those who have donated to the “Vestment Fund”. In just a month and a half, it's over $440! Thank you for your generosity.

I haven't posted how I'm going to spend this donated money, so I think it's about time to clear that up. Although I've labeled it as “Donations for Vestments”, a more accurate description might be “Donations for Vestments and other associated vessels and equipment for celebrating the Mass”. Mind you, that's not as catchy a title as “Donations for Vestments”, so the original title will stick. These are posted in no particular order:

Vestments – I like the Gothic Low Mass sets from Luzar Vestments in the United Kingdom. I'm considering the gold, dark green, red, Roman purple, rose, and black in their standard damask with gold-machined orphreys. I would also like to have a Marian vestment, and really like the Marian embroidery they have available that matches the rest of the vestments. The Marian vestment costs £375.00 for the set, and the other vestments cost £315.00 per set. This translates into approximately $625 and $525 US, not counting shipping and other necessary costs. Each set includes the chasible, stole, chalice veil, burse, and maniple. Total cost is approximately $3775 US.

Altar Vessels – I have a couple of simple chalice, paten, and ciborium sets that I like, but I don't have a really formal, beautiful chalice. For the chalice, I would definitely look at something like Adrian Hamers, although I haven't decided which one I like the most.

Other equipmentMy goal is to regularly celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form, so I need a copy of the Missale Romanum of 1962. Preserving Christian Publications has released a reprint of the 1962 Missale Romanum that seems to be very worthy for the celebration of the Mass. It retails for $460. - Purchased, thank you to all who have donated!

At this point, my goal without counting the chalice is $4235. This will change as I consider which chalice I like, as well as make my final decision on the vestments. Of course, I welcome any comments that will help in making these decisions.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I myself am a fan of dark colors :), loving the vestments

Dona Nobis Pacem said...

Thank you for the link to Preserving Christian Publications, a site of which I was not aware. Have since placed an order with them! You almost have enough to get that Missale Romanum...

Dona said...

The St Benedict Douay Rheims Bible from PCP is beautiful, and will be a joy to read. I opted for the burgundy cover, as an old Protestant evangelist used to tell us "All Bibles should be read!"

Dawn said...

Beautiful vestments and vessels for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a great goal and one well worth investing in! I have made my donation to the fund.

God Bless, Father Cory,
"Catholicgirl" Dawn